CBCP-ECMI Statement

Comment on the Filipina Caught in HongKong with Cocaine


We are once again confronted with this very tragic and disturbing news: A Filipina caught in a foreign airport smuggling in cocaine, a most prohibited drug. We would think that the experience of Mary Jane Veloso now languishing in an Indonesian jail with a death sentence would deter our kababayan from engaging in this very dangerous and criminal action. Our government has warned against acting as drug mules. We in the Commission on Migrants have constantly spoken out about the extreme consequences of carrying and transporting drugs. Drug laws are very harsh in foreign countries and even in ours, as evidence by the deadly toll of the government’s war on drugs.

But also we should look at what is happening in our local airport? Why was this woman able to get out of our airport this huge amount of cocaine? Why was it not detected? Why is it that they can find a single bullet in a hidden compartment and not find almost one kilo of cocaine?

Nevertheless we once again caution our Filipino women. Do not agree to be drug mules. It is a very dangerous pursuit. It is criminal. It has dire, and deadly, consequences.

+Ruperto C. Santos

Bishop of Balanga


Episcopal Commission on Migrants and Itinerant Peoples


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