Council of the Laity of Baguio Installation


The Diocese of Baguio re-established the Council of the Laity with Fr. Rosito Pedro Junior as the Vicar for the Laity. The Council is composed of the heads of mandated Diocesan Organizations namely: the Apostleship of Prayer headed by  Ms. Concepcion de Castro;  Catholic Charismatic Movement headed by Ms. Lucy Jacalne; Catholic Physicians and Nurses Guild headed by Dr. Grace Munsayac; Catholic Women’s League headed by Ms. Milagros Sanchez; the Divine Mercy Apostolate headed by Mr. Antonio Dayot; Knights of Columbus headed by Mr. Ramon Bawas; Legion of Mary headed by Ms. Jennifer Ande; Mother Butler’s Guild and St. Pio Prayer Group headed by Ms Annabelle Estepa; Mother Butler’s Mission Guild headed by Frances Picart; Prayer and Life headed by Mr. Mauro Muñoz; Matthew 27:55B headed by Ms. Fely Rojo; Adorers of the Holy Trinity; Children of God the Father; and the Holy Name Society. 

The three Vicariate representatives are the following:

VSN Rep: Mr. William Dalaten

VSJ Rep: Mr. Salbino Bangcado

VOLA Rep: Mr. Fred Puntawe

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