Interfaith group to probe killings of tribal people

An interfaith solidarity mission this week is looking into the killing of a pregnant woman in the southern Philippine province of Bukidnon that resulted in the displacement of at least 100 members of the Tigwahanon tribe.

“The mission aims to document the string of human rights violations against indigenous communities and assist them in filing charges against the perpetrators,” read a join statement issued by members of the mission.

The mission also aims “to unearth the circumstances” around the series of killings perpetrated by Aldie Salusad, a leader of an armed militia in the area.

Salusad is suspected to be behind the killing of Makinit Gayuran, a three-month pregnant tribal woman.

Lawyer Czarina Gold Musni of the Higala Lumad Network said local and international faith and rights groups will join the fact-finding mission.

The mission will also conduct psychosocial and medical services for the villagers who currently live in temporary shelters in the provincial capital.

Source: UCAN

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