CBCP ECMI Christmas Message to our Beloved OFW

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Inquirer Global Nation Photo

Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines
Episcopal Commission for the Pastoral Care
of Migrants and Itinerant People

Christmas is a time for our Overseas Filipino Workers to come home to be with their families. This year this Season seems to bring to them a special bonus with the dollar at an all time high.

We at the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Migrants and Itinerant People wish to welcome our OFWs, at the same time we convey to them some friendly advice. All the malls are aglow with tinsel and glittering decorations and sales galore that are certainly enticing especially to our OFWs. But instead of succumbing to the sweet call of the malls and entertainment places, I invite our OFWs to bond with more meaningful activities that would allow them to deepen their relationships and family ties. I encourage them to spend time in Church, maybe participate in the Simbang Gabi and the traditional Christmas and New Year masses. I caution them to spend wisely and save money; to prioritize and make sure that money will be put to productive use, especially when they leave their families behind when they return to their overseas work. They should resist the temptation to show off and make luxury purchases that provide only empty gratification.

My dear OFWs spend quality time with your family. Go on picnics, museums and the beautiful destination spots in our country, share your stories.   Please practice the: spend time with your family; save your money and speak with your children by sharing stories.

Have a blessed and grace-filled to all our OFWs and may the Joy of Christ’s birth be in their hearts not only this Season but all the time.


+Ruperto C. Santos
Bishop of Balanga
Chair, Episcopal Commission on Migrants and Itinerant People

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