ADMU Holds Affirmation and Prayer Service for Human Rights and the Nation

7 December 2016

For the University community and friends,

In advance observance of International Human Rights Day on 10 December 2016, and amidst all that has come to be and all that is yet to unfold for our country, the University community and friends are invited to a mobilization in fervent affirmation of principles and in prayer as the year 2016 closes. This will be in the form of a brief Affirmation and Prayer Service for Human Rights and the Nationto be held on Friday, 9 December 2016, from 5:15 to 5:35 pm, at the Bellarmine Field of the Loyola Heights campus. Father Jose Ramon T Villarin SJ, University President, will lead the service.

(It will be most appreciated if participants can assemble by about 5:00pm, to ensure the prompt start and timely end of the service.)

In this season of Advent and as Christmas draws near, when we commemorate Christ’s coming into the world as man for the salvation of mankind, let this gathering be an occasion to reaffirm the innate value of, and our firm adherence to, inalienable human rights, as well as to pray for justice for all victims of human rights abuses, past and present, and for the welfare of the country. We will come together to pray for the just and equitable resolution of human rights issues and all other issues of concern presently besetting the nation; for the realization of our convictions, commitments, and truest selves in all that has been happening and will come to pass; and for finding our places – individually and as members of a Philippine institution of higher education – in the greater scheme of things.

Please bring candles for lighting as dusk settles in and the service comes to a close.

(Immediately following the service, the Loyola Schools will hold its scheduled Christmas fellowship with a Mass at the Church of the Gesu. Anyone attending the Prayer Service at Bellarmine Field is welcome to join in this celebration of the Holy Eucharist.)

Jaime G Hofileña
Vice President for Social Development
Ateneo de Manila

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