Statement of Grave Concern

By the Christian Family Movement of the Philippines
On Critical Issues Affecting Family and Life in the Philippines


The Officers and Members of the Christian Family Movement of the Philippines, in observance of its 60th year anniversary, do hereby renew and reaffirm our commitment to the core values that have made the organization what it is today – a community of families and disciples of Christ dedicated to helping other families and communities build stronger and happier families and communities.

That these core values are rooted in the inviolability of life and the dignity of human person; that every person is created in the likeness and image of God; that by baptism every person is made a child of God; that as Christians we are all children of God and brothers and sisters in Christ.

That these core values are also rooted in the sanctity of marriage; that God instituted marriage as between man and woman; that this marriage is meant to be permanent and indissoluble; that its primary purpose is to beget children — to be a family.

That said, we hereby declare and proclaim our firm and continuing stand/position on the following critical issues affecting life and family:

  1. We are against the re-imposition of the death penalty under any and all circumstances. Human life is precious as it is God’s gift to mankind, and no person or institution has the right to take that life from any person. Studies have shown that the death penalty as a punishment for crime is not a reliable and effective deterrent to the commission of a crime, and most often the victims are the poor in our society.

Lest we be misunderstood because of our opposition to the death penalty, we make it of record that we are against illegal drugs and all kinds and forms of crime. After all, who does not want a safe and secure family home? And a society that is free of illegal drugs and crime? But offenders must be tried and punished in accordance with law and with due regard to their civil rights as citizens. Violence will beget more violence! We therefore say NO to Extra-judicial killings whether coming from the government or the vigilante groups. This must stop soon and now!

  1. We strongly oppose same sex unions. From the beginning, God has designed marriage between man and woman. While some of our brothers and sisters think otherwise and are thus advocating for same sex unions, we can only politely and with mercy and compassion say NO to them. Their rights as well as obligations can be adequately protected by existing laws without re-defining, and tampering with, the basic nature and character of marriage.
  2. We are against divorce and all its forms. It is not a solution to broken relationships. Legalizing divorce will only lead to further divorces and disintegration of the family. It will ultimately undermine the institutions of marriage and family. In the end society will suffer as the strength and stability of society depends on the existence of strong and stable families.
  3. We are against the use of contraceptives and other artificial means of birth control. The use of contraceptives cheapens and demeans the human person and reduces him/her to a mere commodity to be used and be used depending on the pleasures of the moment. It violates the sanctity of sex and the human person.
  4. We vehemently oppose the planned distribution of condoms in public schools. This is reckless and despicable as it gives a wrong signal to our youth; this will only promote promiscuity and will lead to further teenage pregnancies. As parents we want to preserve the innocence of our youth as the future leaders of our country.
  5. We oppose domestic violence against women and children in all its forms. Domestic violence is real and a growing threat to the family. One out of five families is reported to be a victim of domestic violence. It destroys marriages and families. Families must be taught the values of love, hope and charity in order to be like the Holy Family of Nazareth.
  6. Sex education must not be taught in schools to children under 13 years of age. This must be done by the parents who should be the first catechist to their children. Sex education is a sensitive subject and must not be left to the whims of school teachers who do not usually have, in mind and heart, the best interest of the child.
  7. We denounce in no uncertain terms human trafficking and the proliferation of cyber sex as it degrades human dignity and the sacredness of the human body being the temple of the Holy Spirit.

These are our core values and principles that we cherish and hold dear in our work of family evangelization. We shall continue to be guided and motivated by these values and principles as we look forward to the future by bringing our family and life programs to families and communities.

For the greater glory of God!

Given and adopted this 10th day of December, 2016, in Quezon City, Philippines.


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