Simultaneous Nationwide Barangay Assemblies on March 25

Concerned lay Catholics are invited to attend your respective Barangay assemblies and be informed of plans, projects and activities of your Barangay.

The Gising Barangay Movement (GBM) is an N.G.O., an alliance of Filipinos who wish to do the little things in the barangay that together make up the big things in the nation.

“Its members are committed to the empowerment of fellow citizens and to good governance for their community. They know the meaning of sovereignty and responsible citizenship; that it takes responsible citizens to establish a responsible government; that establishing it should not be left entirely to others – not especially to the uninformed, the incompetent, or the corrupt; and that bad governance is the result of electing traditional politicians, or trapos. GBM volunteers believe there is no better way to develop our country than through self-reliance and the utilization of every community’s resources, human and non-human.  They are united by the conviction that nation building should start in one’s community involving all sectors therein – especially the well-off, the expert, and the influential.

And they dare to believe that rebuilding the Republic barangay by barangay is not only doable but self-implementing, self-executing and self-fulfilling since every Filipino lives in one and has but to mind his own in order to reform the base of our dysfunctional democracy.” – GBM “A People’s Movement”

Did you know?

  1. That R.A. 7160 (Local Gov’t. Code) mandates each barangay to prepare a Comprehensive Multi-sectoral Development Plan.
  2. That 25% of municipal/city real property taxes go to your barangay.
  3. That the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) goes directly to your barangay from the DBM.
  4. That the law requires the barangay to call a Barangay General Assembly twice a year.

Are you or any family member attending this year’s first Barangay Assembly on March 25, 2017 in your barangay?

If so, would you like to be a GBM Volunteer to observe the proceedings and subsequently provide us feedback on your barangay assembly experience? As a GBM volunteer, you will not be asked to speak or ask questions (except in your own capacity as barangay assembly member).

Below is a short checklist of things to observe.

  1. Names of your Barangay, your Secretary, and of your Chairman.
  2. Estimated number of Barangay Assembly members present.
  3. Did the Chairman of the meeting allow enough time for members to ask questions or make suggestions?
  4. Were you provided a copy of the latest Barangay Financial Statement?
  5. Were there persons below 15 years of age in attendance?
  6. Mention three (3) things that caught your attention during the meeting.
  7. Please attach photos, if you could.
  8. Your name, email address and contact number

Please email to Raffy Perfecto, GBM Trustee at

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