Anti-Dynasty Group: Con-Ass Disempowering and Self-Serving

Photo credit: Philstar

19 January 2018

A group actively pushing for the anti-dynasty law slammed the adoption of Resolution no. 9 by Congress that convenes itself into a Constituent Assembly. ANGKOP, a civil society group and one of the conveners of the anti-dynasty movement took a swipe at the 17th Congress for ‘railroading’ the Con-Ass resolution.

“We can NOT entrust the process to this current rubberstamp Congress. These political bullies have time and again proven to be exclusionary, draconian, and outright selfish, egotistic and bigoted. Their hitherto lackluster legislative performance, penchant for railroading measures, and their inclination to intimidate and silence dissenting voices give us an idea of the kind of outcome this Con-ass will deliver – one that robs the people of effective and meaningful participation” ANGKOP Chairperson Atty. Eirene Aguila asserted.

“The Speaker’s shameful disregard of the sense of the Senate towards Con-Ass gives us a glimpse of their disrespect for process. To expect them to listen and to hold themselves accountable for the process is thus a stretch to the imagination. We know that this Congress is not a fan of checks and balances and therefore can not be trusted to tinker with the fundamental law of the land.” she added.

Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez recently insisted in pushing through with the Con-Ass deliberations with or without the presence of the Senators.

“This Congress is off to a bad start. Initializing the process of such monumental proportion such as changing the fundamental law the land and will impact future generations through a process that is most exclusionary betrays the trust of the people. We have to be reminded that the overwhelming majority if this crop of legislators is, by and large, a product of patronage, pera, and pamilya politics.” Atty. Aguila said.

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