Diocesan Council of the Laity, Diocese of Digos

Official Name Diocese of Digos Council of the Laity
Other Name or Acronym DICLA
Statement of Vision Christian Communities united in the same Spirit, fully developed, self reliant and responsible, that pray, teach, and serve in solidarity with the Magisterium–living sign of the presence of the Kingdom of God and effective instruments of its spreading to other communities.
Statement of Mission To be an implementing arm of the Diocese in its pastoral works of becoming informed, formed and transformed communities of persons with deep Christian values who are   evangelized and evangelizing, catechized and catechizing, liberated and liberating thereby building and strengthening the Gagmay Kristohanong Katilingban or GKK in the Diocese.
Year Established 1981
Year Accredited with Laiko (N.B. not stated)

The Diocesan Bishop needs the cooperation and collaboration of all faithful to fulfill his duties as Pastor of the entire people of God entrusted to his care in the Diocese of Digos. Councils in the Church are one such structure for dialogue, participation and co-responsibility between their pastors and the faithful for the good of the entire flock.

Pastoral circumstances in the Diocese of Digos which comprises the entire Province of Davao del Sur and within the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Digos call for the establishment of the councils of the laities. The Diocese of Digos Council of the laity or DICLA was established by then Bishop Generoso C. Camiña, PME, the first Bishop of the Diocese of Digos in 1981. In 2004, Bishop Guillermo V. Afable, D.D. had re-organized the Council and has been existing as implementing arm of the Diocese in its pastoral works up to this time.

Organizational Structure The Diocese of Digos Council of the Laity (DICLA) is governed by the seven (7) Board of Directors with the Bishop as its Spiritual Director. The Board is elected every two (2) years.
Composition of Membership DICLA is composed of Presidents of the twenty-six (26) Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) and twenty-two (22) accredited diocesan mandated organizations in the Diocese.
Main Activities Implementing arm of the Diocese in all its pastoral works
Affiliations Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas – CBCP
Official Contact Address Diocese of Digos Council of the Laity

Diocese of Digos

Aurora St., 8002 Digos City

Official Contact Numbers Mobile: 02.0916.533.5888; 02.0927.982.7843


Official Seal of the Diocese
Current Officers President:    Mrs. Loida Llanos

Vice-President:    Engr. Noel Hubac

Secretary:    Mrs. Betty J. Garcia

Treasurer:    Atty. Rosalina L. Montejo

Auditor:    Mr. David Catipay

P.I.O.:    Dr. Fermin Verallo

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