Diocesan Council of the Laity, Diocese of Ilagan

Official Name Diocesan Council of the Laity of Ilagan
Nature A consultative body composed of Laity representing Parishes and Religious Organizations and Movements (ROM)
  • Provide a forum for lay leaders from the parishes and ROMs to exchange and  share ideas, discuss common problems and make appropriate plans.
  • Recommend policies or plans of action to the Bishop regarding matters affecting the life and mission of the laity in the Church.
  • Represent the laity and ROMs in the Diocesan Pastoral Board, and in the (future) Diocesan Pastoral Council.
  • Represent the laity of the Diocese in regional or national conferences.
  • Assist in the implementation of Diocesan policies among the laity and ROMs.
YEAR ESTABLISHED (N.B. not stated)
  • The President of the Parish Council, or whomever is designated by the Parish Priest to represent the PPC (whether the PPC is formally organized or not).
  • The President or Coordinator of ROMs that exist in the Diocesan level or whomsoever is appointed or designated. There should only be one member for every ROM.
Officers and Duties
  • President:

Presides over the meetings

Officially represents the Council of the Laity (COL) in any function unless somebody else is designated by the Bishop or the Assembly

  • Vice-President:  assumes the duties and responsibilities of the president in his/her absence.
  • Secretary:

Takes the minutes and keeps all records of the COL.

Issues invitation for meetings

  • Treasurer:

Holds the money and keeps it safe

Disburses as authorized by the President or the Assembly

Tenure of Officers and Members
  • Officers: all officers hold office for three years and maybe renewed only once.
  • Members: PPC and ROM Presidents are members of the COL as long as they hold the position (of President). Others, e.g. those appointed by the Parish Priest, are members for three years.
Election of Officers Elections are held every three years, be secret ballot, one representative per parish and one per ROM
Meetings Meetings are held quarterly, on the third Saturday of the month. Special meeting maybe called by the Bishop or the President
Official Contact numbers Tel. 078. 652.0685, 078. 622.2594


Official Seal of the Diocese
Effectively These guidelines are valid starting July 1, 2005 and maybe amended by the COL Assembly with the consent of the Bishop.   Its provisions are not retroactive.

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On the Feast of the Shrine of Our lady of Visitation, Guibang, Gamu, July 2, 2005

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