Diocesan Council of the Laity, Diocese of Lucena

Official Name Diocesan Council of the Laity of Lucena
Other Name or Acronym DCL
Vision A Particular Church, yielding to the realization of God’s plan, under the   guidance of the Holy Spirit, of becoming a community of the disciples of Christ- a family of meek believers-following the example of Mary.
  • Build up a community of the disciples of Christ among the Clergy, Religious and Laity,
  • Form its members in the spirit of the Gospel and example of Mary, the model disciple,
  • Renew the Diocese to become a Church of the Poor,
  • Intensify the formation, edification and spread the Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) as the new image of our Diocese.
Year Established 1979
year accredited w/ laiko (N.B. not stated)

DCL came into existence after the holding of the successful Diocesan Lay Apostolate Convention on January 20, 1979 at the Sacred Heart College. 137 representatives, some observers, priests and nuns comprised the participants of the convention. Motive of this convention is in consonance with Circular No. 4, series of 1977 conerning the renewal of apostolate groups like the Parish Pastoral Council and the Diocesan Council of the Laity.

The convention was presided by Atty. Deogracias Lirio, President of the former Administrative Board of Diocesan Catholic Action, which was the newly organized Diocesan Council of the Laity.

After the Keynote Address of His Excellency, Bishop Jose T. Sanchez upon the request of Dr. Carmelita Deveza, Representative of the Diocese to the National Council of the Laity and Board Member, election of DCL officers was held. Elected were: DCL President – Dr. C. Deveza; Vice-President- Tommy Lopez; Secretary – Vicente Tolentino; Treasurer- Pastora Orbe. Three (3) commissions were formed: Catechesis and Catholic Education, Worship and Service.

Organizational Structure The Diocesan Council of the Laity is chaired by the Bishop of Lucena – Most Rev. Emilio Z. Marquez; Co-chaired by the Chancellor and Diocesan Pastoral Director, Rev. Msgr. Mariano P. Melicia. Under their supervision are the nine (9) Commissions Directors and all the Parish Priests in the Diocese. In addition to this, the General Council composed of the President – Bro. Felix Habito, Two (2) Vice Presidents – Bro. Emmanuel Amado and Sis. Bella Magnaye, Secretary – Sis. Melitona Quebrado and Treasurer – Bro. Renato Leynes; plus the Administrative Council composed of Parish Representatives like the PPC Presidents/ Committee Chairpersons.
Composition of Membership The DCL composed of 5 Executive Officers; 8 Officers of 9 Commissions, 34 PPC Presidents and 24 MSK Officers.
Main Activities Aside from the regular activities like regular meetings of the Executive Board and Administrative Council; on going Formation like Lenten/Advent Recollection Retreat; Masses Intellectual – Pastoral; Bible Reading; Director’s Allocutio, Panayam, Convention, Socialization, Pilgrimage- Outing; new activities were added recently, like Lakbay Sinodo, Lakbay Sigla and the Integration/ Immersion meeting in the parishes of the Diocese.
Affiliations Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas – CBCP
Official Contact Address Diocesan Council of the Laity

Diocese of Lucena

Sentro Pastoral, Isabang

Lucena City

Official Contact Numbers Telephone: 042.710.4585, 042.373.1646

Fax: 042.710. 4758



Official Seal of the Diocese
Current Officers 2 Years – 2 Terms of Office

President:    Bro. Felix Habito

Vice-President 1:    Bro. Emmanuel Amado

Vice-President 2:    Sis. Bella Magnaye

Secretary:    Sis Melitona Quebrado

Treasurer:    Bro. Renato Leynes

Secretaries:    Marcela Trinidad and Alwin Racelis

Commissions Chairpersons

Catechesis:    Sis. Marissa Pabellon

Worship:    Bro. Pete Villalva

Service:    Bro. Gerry Pesigan

Family & Life:    Bro. Ben & Sis. Nellie del Mundo

Youth:    Bro. Michael Verastigue

Bible Apostolate:    Bro. Alberto Lacson

Social Communication:    Bro. Artemio Ragudo

Health Care:    Sis Arlene Calimutan

Vocation:    Sis. Josephine J. Fabre

Pastoral Director/Chancellor:    Rev. Msgr. Mariano P. Melicia, P.A.


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