Diocesan Council of the Laity, Diocese of Novaliches

Official Name Council of The Laity of Novaliches
Vision We, The Council of the Laity of Novaliches (CLaN) envision ourselves as a Community of faithful Disciples centered on Christ and animated by the Holy Spirit to help actualize the Vision Statement of the Diocese which is to respond to the needs of the people journeying with the Blessed Virgin Mother towards the newness and fullness of life.
Mission Trusting the grace of God and in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to:

Work hand in hand within the clergy and the religious of the Diocese in the church’s call to renewed and integral evangelization, service and social transformation.

Work for the unity of all lay Catholic organizations/movements, commissions and ministries, serving as one cohesive unit in the vineyard of the God.

Inspires and motivates the Vicariates and Parish Pastoral Councils in effectively promoting the Diocesan Vision and Mission so that these will be internalized in the lives of the people.

Serve as an effective link or conduit between the Diocese and Laity.

Year Established February 2003
Year Accredited w/ Laiko September 26, 2004
History The origin of the Council of the Laity of Novaliches (CLaN) may be traced back to the canonical establishment of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Novaliches on December 07, 2002. Its precursor, the District Lay Advisory Council (DLAC) of the District of Novaliches met on February 1, 2003 and presented to the Most Rev. Teodoro Bacani, D. D. the first Bishop of the Diocese, the proposed constitution of the new lay organization. On March 21, 2003, Bishop Bacani appointed a set of officers to operationalize the CLaN. The set-up of the CLaN became more formalized with the installation of Bishop Antonio R. Tobias, D.D. as the second bishop of the Diocese on January 16, 2004. Bishop Tobias approved the CLaN Constitution on April 2, 2004.
Organizational Structure CLaN is under the authority of the Bishop of the Diocese of Novaliches and is governed by the Executive Committee (EXECOM) which is composed of the Bishop, Priest in Charge, President, Vice President, Secretary, Asst. Secretary, Treasurer and Vicariate Lay Coordinators. The President, Vice President and Treasurer are elected by the General Council while the Secretary and Asst. Secretary are appointed by the Executive Board on a co-terminus basis. The Vicariate Lay Coordinators are appointed by the Vicare Forane / Bishop of the Diocese
Composition of Membership CLaN Officers

Vicariate Lay Coordinators

Parish Pastoral Council Chairpersons/ Representatives

Lay Coordinators of Diocesan Commissions / Ministries

Diocesan heads of Lay Organizations and Movements

Main Activities Publishes on a quarterly basis, its official newsletter “Ugnayan”

Assists in the Diocesan Formation by supporting the Evangelism Commission.

Responsible for mobilizing Parishioners in support of Diocesan activities and events of National and social concern.

Participated in several Lobby Hearings to block the passage of several anti life and anti-family bills being legislated at the House of Representatives, Batasang Pambansa.

CLaN initiates Parangal sa Kura / Pari. This is an annual event which encourages every Parishioner in the Diocese to hold in great esteem and show appreciation for the Clergy serving in the Parishes.

CLaN spearheads and sponsors several activities in the Diocese to celebrate National Laity Week down to the Parish level.

Affiliations Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas –CBCP
Official Contact Address Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, South Fairview, Quezon
Official Contact Numbers


Telefax: + 63.2.419.9070

Fax: + 63.2. 241.6246, +

Email Address litamacalaguim@yahoo.com


C’s Directions: Going up “Growth of Christian Life”; 9 Sun Rays Represents the 9 Vicariates; The Institution of the Eucharist Bible, Bread and Wine (2005 is Eucharist Year); Colors – Liturgical Colors -White (Symbol of Innocence and Triumph) – Green (Symbol of Hope) – Violet (Symbol of Penance and Mourning)
Current Officers President:    Emma Estacio

Vice President:    Elionora Muñaz

Treasurer:    Remedios Hendrix

Secretary:    Helen Espinar

Asst. Secretary:    Girlie Medina

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