Official Name Adoracion Nocturna Filipina
Other Name or Acronym ADORERS
Vision Adoracion Nocturna Filipina, Sambayanan ng Diyos,

Taga-sambang gabi ni Hesukristo sa Eukaristiya;

Naglilingkod sa Santa Eglesiya; Tumutulong sa Kapwa;

Tungo sa buhay na banal at kasiya-siya.

Mission Kami bilang Sambayanan ng mga kasapi sa Adoracion Nocturna Filipina na kumikilala sa :

·      pagmamahal at pagkalinga sa Diyos;

·      hiwaga ng kaligtasan alay ni Hesukristo;

·      pagsubaybay ng Espiritu Santo at nagtatalaga ng aming sarili:

–   Sa patuloy na pagsambang gabi kay Kristo sa Eukaristiya;

–   Sa matapat na pagsunod, pagsasabuhay, pagpapahayag ng  salita ng      Diyos;

–   Sa pagmamahalan at pagkakaisa na may pagkilala, pagpapahalaga at  paggalang sa kakayanan at katangian ng bawat isa;

–     Sa simpleng pamumuhay, na may malasakit sa mga dukha at api;

–     At sa buhay paglilingkod sa kapakanan ng Santa Eglesiya;

–   Tungo sa buhay na ganap at kasiya-siya.

Goal ( HANGARIN) Magtatag ng Sambayanan ng mga taga-sambang gabi ni Kristo sa Eukaristiya, na nagkakaisa sa pagsasabuhay ng mga diwa ng pagpapakabanal.
Year Established October 10, 1920
Year Accredited W/ laiko (N.B. not stated)

During the high mass of Sunday, October 10, 1920 at the church of St. Ignatius, the Adoracion Nocturna Filipina was established. They called themselves Turno No. 1 with eighty (80) members, Fr. Victoriano Pascual was the chaplain of the group. Bro. Francisco Munoz de Perez was appointed as the first Jefe de Turno. Don Emilio Ma. Moreta was named the Founder of the organization, later on five of his sons became Jesuit priests while the two daughters became nuns.

The Philippines at that time was passed from the hands of one colonizer, Spain, to the hands of another, America. Pastors of different protestant denominations came serving the American soldiers and at the same time introducing their kind of faith to the Filipinos. Many of the faithful were getting confused. The credibility of the clergy suffered as a result of the anti-Spanish propaganda launched during the revolution. Some Catholic priests broke ties with the Vatican and established an Aglipayan Church.   Rev. Fr. Victoriano Pascual, SJ and Don Emilio agreed that nocturnal adoration should be introduced to the Filipino faithful. They believe that if the faithful especially the men, can adore the Lord, the Lord Himself will bless not only the devotees but the whole land.

Organizational Structure The Adoracion Nocturna Filipina has its own governing bodies which are- in the ascending order- as follows:

·      Executive Board of the Section

·      Diocesan/Archdiocesan Council

·      Regional Council

·      National Council

·      National Eucharistic Assembly

All officers in charge of this organization are appointed.

Composition of Membership The basic units of the Adoracion Nocturna Filipina are called Turnos, erected in parishes and churches nationwide, the membership of a Turno is comprised of active and honorary members and the minimum no. of adorers to compose a Turno is fourteen (14) and these must all be of the rank of Active Adorer.   Several turnos composed of a Section, whose governing body is the Executive Board of the Section. At present the numbers listed adorers are 116,000. Sections are 145. Turnos 1,680.
Main activities The Adoracion Nocturna Filipina is dedicated to the development of an authentic Christian spirituality. It holds a monthly meeting, Holy Mass and night adoration vigil.   Every adorer must bear witness to HIM and help men to salvation and must become involved in the social apostolate, to live in accordance with the Gospel values in his daily life. To promote and sponsor the scholars to the seminaries and convents, to help the parish community works and projects, etc.
Areas Present Adoracion Nocturna Filipina is established all over the country.
Affiliations Affiliated and a Charter member of the World Federation of the Works of the Night Adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament, with national centers all over the world.
Official Contact Address Xavier House, 2307 Pedro Gil St. Sta. Ana, Manila
Official Contact Numbers Telephone: + 63.2.563.1301
Website Address
Email Address


The Symbol of the logo is the Chalice with the Real Presence of our Eucharistic Lord’s body in the form of bread-host with inscription of JHS.The rays signifies the light of the world with special map of the Philippines at the left as the country of origin of the Adoracion Nocturna Filipina. “The Lord be Adored-Forever” is the official greeting of the organization and must head all official communications of the Adoracion Nocturna Filipina.
Current Officers

List of Officers 2008-2010

 National Director          Rev. Fr. REYNALDO F. OCAMPO, SJ

National President        Manuel I. Granados

Executive Vice Pres.     Jose S. Tacorda

1st Vice President         Edgardo R. Hernandez

2nd Vice President        Pablo R. Jazmines

Secretary                      Patrocinio E. Alcorcon

Treasurer                       Carlos L. Landagan

Auditor                          Simon T. Agbing

Master of Ceremony     Sergio V. Clomera

Flag Bearer                   Rufino Trinidad

Promoter                       Lazaro L. Katigbak                               

Tarcisian Organizer       Cresensio A. Anorico                       

National Consultants:    Nicomedes R. Pagulayan

                                             Paul S. Cabasug

                                             Romeo A. Javier

                                             Murine D. Distor

                                             Ernesto T. Alzona

 Date of Oath-taking     February 2, 2008


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