Official Name Apostleship of Prayer
Other Name or Acronym AP
Statement of Vision To unite all men, women and children in the spirit of prayer working for the renewal of the AP individual, the community and the society as a whole.

Also to promote prayer as the strongest weapon against evil and sin.

Statement of Mission Strengthen our communities through faith formation as evangelized and evangelizers.

Participation through prayer that bears fruit in action and service, with the involvement of the youth.

Year Established 1844 – Wordwide

1872 – Philippines

Year Accredited w/ Laiko (N.B. not stated)
History The Apostleship of Prayer (AP) was founded by Rev. Fr. Francis X. Gautrelet, SJ in 1844 at Vals, France. Its first members were a group of Jesuit seminarians whom he encouraged to “Offer everything you are doing each day in union with the Heart of our Lord for what He wishes, the spread of the Kingdom for the salvation of souls.”   The association since then extended its influence worldwide and now has established centers all over the world including the Philippines. The AP was introduced in the Philippines not long after its founding in France, and according to existing records, the first three centers in the country were officially registered in 1872, making the Association 137 years old in this country. The first three registered centers were the Ateneo de Manila, Sta. Isabel College and the Colegio de la Concordia, all in Manila. Since then, the Association has expanded its network and membership throughout the entire archipelago.
Organizational Structure The Apostleship of Prayer is an association of the faithful under the Pope, with its international office in Rome, headed by the Director General Delegate. The Association has been entrusted by the Holy See to the Society of Jesus, which has been promoting the apostolate throughout the world. Thus, the Director General Delegate, as well as the National Directors appointed in their respective countries, are members (priest and brothers) of the Society of Jesus. In the countries where the AP is present, there is a National Office which coordinates the activities of the Diocesan Offices. The AP in the Philippines is headed by the National Director, currently Rev. Fr. Manuel M. Flores, S.J., who supervises the activities of the Association. The basic unit of the AP is the center, which may be organized and based in the parish, school, or in an institution (office). The centers within a diocese are coordinated by the AP Diocesan Office, and the diocesan offices are in turn coordinated by the Nationall Office, headed by officers who constitute the National Council. The current national President is Mrs. Susan P. Reyes.
Main Activities ·       The recitation of the Daily Morning Offering.

·       The propagation of the First Friday devotion.

·       The promotion of the Holy Hour devotion

·       The consecration of families to the Sacred Heart.

·       The organization of Centers of the Apostleship of Prayer

·       The visitation of the AP Formation Team to different centers and diocesan groups to promote the AP Program of Spirituality for the member’s spiritual growth.

·       The organization of the Eucharistic Crusade and of the AP Youth.

·       The dissemination of pictures, badges and scapulars of the Sacred Heart.

·       The broadcast of the AP Sacred Heart Program.

·       The continuous recruiting of members, especially men and youth.

·       The annual solemn celebration of the Feast of the Sacred Heart, on the Friday after Corpus Christi.

·       The continous praying for the mission and general intentions of the Holy Father for each month.

Affiliations Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas – CBCP
Official Contact Address Xavier House,2307 Pedro Gil St., Sta. Ana, 1009 Manila
Official Contact Numbers Tel. + 63.2. 526.7282, + 63.2.484.9337






The Logo of the Apostleship of Prayer is the image of the Heart of Jesus revealed in the apparitions to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. The burning heart symbolizes the very person of Christ, passionate in his love for humankind. The crown of thorns digging into the bleeding heart represents the continuing pain and suffering of Christ from the ingratitude, waywardness and arrogance of people towards Him. The great wound on the heart inflected by the lance is the infinite fountain of graces that come from the heart of Christ.   The Cross at the top of the heart represents the redemptive power of Christ’s cross. The cross also reflects the meaning of the daily crosses in the life of the AP member: as his love for Christ, the instrument of his transformation, his way of gaining graces for the world and his path to true joy.
Current Officers National Director:   Rev. Fr. Manuel M. Flores, SJ

President:  Ms. Susan P. Reyes

Acting Vice President-Internal:  Ms. Ginny Aquino

Acting Vice President- External:   Ms. Agnes Paynor

Acting Vice President for Northern Luzon:   Ms. Juliana Bravo  &   Ms. Jane Saigon

Vice President for Central Luzon:  Dr.  Lolita Viudez

Vice President for Southern Luzon:   Ms. Ludy Madrideo

Vice President for Bicol Region:   Judge Nellie Llaguno

Vice President for Visayas:   Ms. Celia Cabaluna

Acting Vice President for Mindanao:   Ms. Flor Salcedo

Secretary:  Ms. Ellen Martinez

Treasurer:  Ms. Mercedita Salonga

Asst. Treasurers: Ms. Flor Mercado  &  Ms. Basilia Raganit

Auditor:  Ms. Crisanta Trinidad

Coordinator, Bicol Region:  Ms. Virgie Aramburo

Board Member:  Ms. Cely Mojica

Chair, Formation Committee:  Ms. Agnes Paynor

Co-Chair, Formation Committee:  Mr. Nestor Flores 

Chair, Special Projects Committee:  Ms. Carmen Bernas

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