Official Name Barangay Sang Virgen
Other Name or Acronym BV. The ACRONYM of the BV organization is not BSV, but BV without an “S” in the middle. The monogram BV is shown in the painting of our Virgin of the Barangay which is engraved on the rock where our Lady stands carrying her Son. The letter “B” represents the Barangay organization, being supported by our Blessed Mother with her hands represented by the letter “v”.
Vision An association that is truly Filipino which vitalizes the Catholic life of the masses, spiritually and physically, through the formulation of Rosary units among the families in the parish with the rosary as the rally point to reanimate one’s life in Christ to unite all things to Him, through the inspiration and the guidance of the Blessed Virgin.
  • To teach Christian Doctrine to the common masses.
  • To spread devotion to Mary, particularly the habit of daily recitation of the rosary in every home.
  • To train Catholic leaders who would undertake and achieve the aims and objectives of the organization.
  • To foster Christian love of country.
  • To help its members along economic lines by taking advantage of government enhancement programs.
  • To develop common understanding among members and to keep them abreast of other activities which will redound to the common good and benefit.
  • To enhance the appreciation, the propagation and the preservation of Filipino culture.
Year Established 1947
Year Accredited w/ Laiko MAY 1, 1955
History The Barangay sang Virgen (BV) has its cradle in the City of Silay, Province of Negros Occidental. Its Founder was the city’s Mayor, Antonio C. Gaston.   Mayor Gaston was perhaps one of the rarest political leaders of his time and of his city, Silay. Or perhaps, he was a chosen one from above.   He was a very active mayor, and a God-fearing one at that time. Then suddenly he became gravely ill. This became his turning point in life. As he lay sick in the hospital in 1949, he realized that the great blessing of life, joy and peace, were generously endowed on him by God from day to day; that truly, by God’s grace alone had made possible his daily existence.   With this realization came deep humility, gratitude, contrition and a desire for reparation. He then saw clearly that his most precious possession which he should share with his people was vibrant faith in the wisdom, love and mercy of God. Parallel to this realization came the truth that his constituents were very materialistic and needed to be reeducated in Christian doctrine and Filipino values; that they needed to return to Christ— to live the Gospel in their daily lives.   He promised that if ever he got well again, he would dedicate his life and indeed return his people to God. By God’s grace, he did get well. As soon as he became stronger and could get around, he started to discuss his thoughts along these lines with some of his friends indicating his observation that people had a natural devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary. They then suggested and agreed that praying the rosary by groups would bring people closer to each other and to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Their meetings caught on and soon the group grew and multiplied. Thus the Barangay Sang Virgen was born. The name “Barangay” was used to refer to the ancestral union of families. To this, however, was added the phrase “Sang Virgen” (Ilongo dialect) to put the organization under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin. BV organizations sprung up in the three Philippine regions of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and of course, Metro Manila. Now, the BV is organized in New Jersey and New York in the U.S. There is also one in the Collegio Filippino in Rome. In recognition of its efforts to vitalize the Catholic life in the country, the BV was approved as a mandated organization of Catholic Action of the Philippines on May 1, 1955 and incorporated as a non-stock and charitable corporation on July 22, 1959.
Organizational Structure The BV is subordinated to the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Catholic Church. There are three levels of organization in the BV: National, Diocesan and Parish levels. Each level has its own set of officers. The Chaplain, the Datu or President, the Vice Datu, the Executive Secretary, the Treasurer and the Auditor, which makes up the Executive Body and the Directors of Apostolate, Devotion, Socials, Economic, Civics, Supervisors, Promoters and Organizers, Finance, Women and Youth. Certain groups have also their directors like Sa-maria and Hamilis (in Dioceses and Parishes where there are many Hamilis and Sa-marias). The field officers of the BV are the Cabeza-Mayores, the Mayores and the Cabezas.

SELECTION OF OFFICERS: The Center President, Vice President and Executive Secretary are appointed by Ecclesiastical Authority. The Directors are appointed by the Center President with the approval of the Chaplain.

TERM OF OFFICE: The term of office of all center officers shall be for one year beginning January 1 to December 31 renewable as the appointing authority desires. Removal may be done any time by the appointing power.

Composition of Membership Membership in the BV consists of individuals or families. Any Catholic who desires to be a member may affiliate with the Parochial, Diocesan or National Center or with the Trinity. 5 neighboring families are organized as a GROUP. 3 nearby groups make up a ROSARY UNIT of 15 families.   3 Rosary Units consisting of 45 families comprise the TRINITY.
Main Activities The Rosary Unit is the operating unit of the Barangay Sang Virgen. The Rosary is prayed every night in one of the family residence of each Rosary Unit. Representatives from all the other houses attend the prayer-meeting which lasts from 25-30 minutes. During this short period, the mysteries of the Rosary, the Sacraments and Catholic Doctrine in general are explained. The field activities of the BV are divided into 4 sectors: Apostolate, Socials, Economic, and Civics. Other activities include Devotions, Fund raising, promoting, organizing and supervising the organization. There are special endeavors for women and the youth.
Areas Present In several parishes in Metro Manila, Luzon and Mindanao. Almost in all parishes in the Visayas. Trinities are functioning. Outside of the Philippines, in New York and New Jersey where there are now invested BV Hamilis and in Rome.
Affiliations Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas – CBCP
Official Contact Address and Numbers

National Centre Office
BV Bldg., Corner Lacson 6 & 7th Sts., Bacolod City

Datu Rolando V. Ramirez, Tel. (034) 493-03-24;

Lkn Zonito Salazar, Telephone: 034. 444.2090;

Lkn Teodolfo V. Infante, Telephone: 034.432.1009; Cell No.0920-952.0940. Email:

c/o Dayang Ellen R. Aquino, VP-Metro Manila
380 Sta Natividad St, San Antonio Valley 6 Sucat, Paranaque City, Telephone: + 63.2.826.9375, Email:



The identifying symbol of the BV is the UNIT STANDARD superimposed on a GLOBE encircled by a laurel. Above are the Philippine and BV Flags respectively located at the left and right side, with their poles crossing each other underneath the Unit Standard.   In between the two flags are the initials Luzon, Visayas and   Mindanao where the BV members shall sing praise to Our Lady:   “L audate V irgenem M ariam”. Just below, but without touching the symbol is the scroll where the words National Center is inscribed. The word “National” is changeable to Diocesan or Parish, to which can be added the name of the Diocese or Parish using the logo,   e.g. – “Bacolod Diocesan Center”, and “Fatima Parish Center”.
Current Officers

National Chaplain: Most Rev Vicente M. Navarra, DD

National Datu:  Lkn Rolando V Ramirez

Nat’l Vice Datu:  Lkn Nestor R. Bayona

Nat’l Exec Sec:  Lkn Zonito G Salazar

Asst. Sec,:  Dyng Alice P. Salazar 

 Treasurer:  Sis Margie Jurisprudencia

Asst Treasurer:  Dyng Leilani Hisona

Nat’l Auditor:  Lkn Hernani M Canobis 

 Auditor:  Lkn Fred Malan


Nonito P. Urbano

Linda Espolon

Herminia Boko

Cesar Vergara

Rose Gentiliso

Nic Salazar

Paul B. Miasis

Isidro Obligado

Domingo Cuenca

Sonia Lozada

Lina Perida

Bernadette Navarro

Teodulfo Infante

Vicente Delfin

Federico Panes.


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