Official Name The Philippine Foundation of the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals
Other Name or Acronym Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP)
Vision Life in Christ in all its fullness for businessmen and professionals. (John 10:10)
Mission We provide a way of life and a community where businessmen and professionals, guided by the Holy Spirit, can experience Christ through a continuing process of: Conversion to a personal relationship with Christ; Commitment to the values espoused by Him, and Commissioning as disciples and to advocate the Good News in the marketplace.

BCBP Core Values: Love for God, Love for Country, Love for Community,   and Commitment to the Lord’s Work.

Year Established 1981
Year Accredited w/ Laiko Early 1990’s

Sensing the need for marketplace evangelization, a group of 25 men met in 1981 for the first BCBP Men’s Breakfast. Since then, the BCBP breakfasts, now more than 120 weekly breakfasts, have changed the lives of more than 30,000 businessmen and women and professionals. The breakfasts, held nationwide, are the main entry point into the organization; they are then followed by a 13-week Christian Life Program, plus a one-year formation program before full membership. Thereafter members meet weekly for community activities and continuing Christian formation, leading to active involvement in marketplace evangelization.

Organizational Structure

The BCBP a Catholic Renewal organization is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-stock, non-profit organization. It is fully organized in the Archdiocese of Manila and in all the Dioceses where it operates nationwide. There are more than 55 chapters and 58 outreaches located in a strategic business centers in key cities and municipalities nationwide. In 2004 two outreaches were opened up in California.

The BCBP organizational set up is designed to have full representation from all corners of the BCBP Country, and structured to ensure the delivery of efficient service and comprehensive caring system to all members of the community. At the top of the structure is the Board of Trustees (BOT) – the policy- making body composed of thirteen voting members with the Spiritual Director sitting as non-voting member. The Management Committee, ManCom, through the President is the executive and implementing body of the BCBP. ManCom is composed of the President, Vice President, the Area Managing Directors, National Service Coordinators, and the National Treasurer. The next level is the Service Regions each headed by an Area Managing Director with their respective Regional Council Directors (RCD). Under each RCD are the chapters and outreaches, each with its own governance team.

Composition of Membership

Members are Christian (predominantly Catholic) men and women whose upbringing, education, training and current life situations have placed them in the midst of the marketplace. They are persons of influence in their respective work areas.

Main Activities

Membership Formation: Christian Life Program, Steward Leadership and Discipleship Training, various formation programs, held monthly and on-going, for all new, regular, and senior members. The BCBP identifies, trains, and develops Christian leaders to become agents for justice and sound development in the work environment.

Evangelization: conducting CLSS, MEP – Market Evangelization Programs, Weekly BCBP Breakfasts open to the public. The BCBP also conducts workshops, seminars, and retreats as requested by companies, businesses, and government offices, that address how the businessman and professional can deal with evil in the marketplace, equipping the participants for the spiritual battle in the business arena.   The BCBP has conducted CLSS for the PNP trainees in many regions.

Be Honest Advocacy: Begun in 2004, this “Be Honest Campaign” promotes awareness of and the practice of honesty in the marketplace, in response to the outcry against graft & corruption. January 2005 saw the BCBP sign a Memorandum of Agreement with Barug Pilipino, a Visayan-based NGO represented by its President Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal to promote good governance and combat graft and corruption.

BCBP Eco-Reach Foundation Inc.: established to enable its members to reach out to the poorest of the poor, particularly the nanays, and provide them a means of livelihood together with Christian values formation.

Areas Present

Throughout the Philippines in all regions, particularly in strategic business centers in key cities and municipalities. There are two outreaches in California.

Affiliations LAIKO, PPCRV, BCBP EcoReach Fdn. Inc. Various regional affiliations.
Official Contact Address BCBP, Unit 216 Comfoods Bldg., Sen Gil Puyat cor Chino Roses Aves., Makati City 1200, Metro Manila Philippines.
Official Contact Numbers Telephone: + 63.2. 819.0052

Fax + 63.202.819.0051

Email Address




The Cross in the middle of the logo symbolizes Christ who is the heart of BCBP, with Christian tenets and values central to all community activities.   In the arms of the Cross, we see Christ’s outstretched arms, welcoming all to His salvific love.

The twin figures bent in adoration, embracing the Cross, typify each member’s acceptance of Christ as Master and Redeemer.

Enveloping the logo is a circle, signifying oneness in purpose, in spirit, and in Christ.

Current Officers Spiritual Director                Rev. Fr. Herbert Schneider, S.J.

Chairman, BOT                 Larry Veloso, BCBP Cebu

President                             Bobby Laviña, BCBP Greenhills

Vice President                    Rene Cortes, BCBP Parañaque

Treasurer                            Art de la Cruz, BCBP Quezon City

Area Managing Director:

AMD, Luzon                        Bobby Atendido, BCBP Alabang

AMD, Visayas                     Gau Arancillo, BCBP Iloilo

AMD, Mindanao                   Bobby Borromeo, BCBP Ilagan

Note: The present officers and BOT serve until end of 2008; a new set of officers and BOT members assume their 3-year term in 2009.

BCBP Delegates to the Bishops Businessmen’s Conference for Human Development

BCBP Representative to LAIKO and PPCRV, representing BCBP President Bobby Laviña, Gonzalo “J.C. Jun: Catan, Jr., c/o MAPECON Phils. Inc. T 525-0434, Fax 521-5645

Luis Jose P. Ferrer, RCD, Metro Manila North

Lino Manuel L. Jimenez, RCD Metro Manila South

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