Official Name Catholic Nurses’ Guild of the Philippines
Other Name or Acronym CNGP
Vision We envisioned CNGP as a “living witness to Christ’s love”
  • Promote spiritual, ethico-moral and professional growth as health care provider.
  • Participate actively in the deliberation of issues affecting life.
  • Strengthen relationships with local and international health agencies/ organizations/schools.
  • To render socio- pastoral care to all our stakeholders.
Year Established August 7, 1956
Year Accredited w/ Laiko 1960
History December 9, 1955

Responding to the request of Most Rev. Egidio Vagnozzi, D.D., Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines following the First Asian Meeting of the Lay Apostolate, the CICIAMS (International Committee of Catholic Nurses’ and Medico-Social Assistants) officers, Rev. Fr. Fortier and Ms. Wilhelmina Cruz, chaplain and Vice-President for Asia respectively, initiated a meeting for the possible establishment of a guild of Catholic Nurses in the Philippines.

March – December, 1956

Rev. Fr. Alfredo Reyes, hospital chaplain of Philippine General Hospital (PGH), requested permission to organize a Catholic Nurses’ Guild in PGH. This became a reality on August 7, same year, with the first chapter or CNGP formally organized in PGH with 18 members and Ms. Paula Formantes elected as President.

On December 2, 1956, during the 2nd Eucharistic Congress held in Manila, the Guild, increased in membership to 81 nurses, made its first public manifesto by joining the grand Eucharistic procession in their nurse’s uniform and as a group.

Different chapters have been organized in hospital and schools with set of officers as in the National Organization. There was a yearly election of National officers until such time when fast turnover of nurses occurred both local and national board, due to exodus of nurses going abroad. The By-laws & Constitution were amended during the general assembly of members and election every two years.

At present, we have about 500 regular members and about 100 life members.   We have about 5 local chapters and 4 on the provincial level.

Organizational Structure The CNGP is governed by a Board composing 11 Board Members who meet every month and elected every 2 years.
Composition of Membership The CNGP is composed of representatives/presidents of the local chapters of different hospitals/institutions accredited by the national organization.
Main Activities National Level:

  • Medical Mission- to our Adopted Community
  • Gift-giving and giving school supplies
  • Conducting monthly meetings
  • Campaigning for membership and formation of chapters to different hospitals / institutions
  • Attending different nursing organizations/ associations meetings.
  • Sick Visitation

Local Level:

  • Pastoral care of patients   in the hospital
  • Assist hospital chaplains in ministering to the sick especially critical patients
  • Take care of chapels –cleanliness, being lectors & commentators
Areas Present National Capital Region (NCR)
  • Ciciams (International Committee of Catholic Nurses and Medico- Social Assistants)
  • Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas (LAIKO) – (CBCP)
  • PNA – Philippine Nurses Association
  • Member of the different specialty group of Nurses in the Philippines.
Official Contact Address The President

Catholic Nurses’ Guild of the Philippines

c/o PNA Headquarters

663 T. Benitez Street

Malate, Manila 1004


Mrs. Lucia V. Soltes

National President

Catholic Nurses’ Guild of the Philippines

64 Zigzag Hills, Malhacan

Meycauyan City, Bulacan

Official Contact Numbers Telephone: 044. 935.1710

Cellphone: 0917. 816.6814

Email Address



The CNGP Logo has a cross, which symbolizes Christ love and suffering for the world specially, for the sick and the dying.

The heart expresses the ultimate core of association’s existence which is to share Christ’s love to others especially those He had entrusted to our care.

The burning lamp reminds us of the LIGHT which Christ Himself, that He is the source of the undying light that we need in order to care for the ailing world, also the lamp symbolizes our burning desires to serve as Jesus Himself serves us.

The two outstretched hands keeps us focused that our hands must always be used as instruments of God’s healing love; hands that brings comfort in times of suffering.

The name of association is placed at the bottom of the logo to proclaim that this association forges our Catholic faith and our Nursing profession in the service of mankind especially to the poorest of the poor.

Current Officers President:   Lucia V. Soltes, RN,MM

Vice President:    Shirley Peña, RN, MPH

Secretary:   Marina Modina, RN

Asst. Secretary:   Susan Castañeda, RN,MAN

Treasurer:   Lilia Eufemio, RN,MAN

P.R.O.:   Emerita Dacanay, RN

Auditor:   Emerita Panaligan, RN

Board Members:

Doris Escalante, RN

Catalina, Mata, RN, MAN

Lorena E. Abiera, RN

Sr. Ana Virginia Magpily, SSPS, MAN

Julia Basobas, RN, MSM

Ma, Luisa T. Uayan, MSN, DHSC

Ex-Officio                  Lita Batista, RN


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