Official Name Catholic Physicians’ Guild of the Philippines           
Acronym or short name CPGP
Vision Filipino physicians practice Catholic principles and values in medical practice.
Mission To advocate Catholic principles and values in medical practice.
Year Established 1936
year accredited w/ laiko (N.B. not stated)
History In 1936 during a medical meeting, a professor of legal Medicine at the University of the Philipines College of Medicine pointed out the existence of therapeutic abortion in many obstetrics textbooks. This initial encounter formed the basis of several groups of physicians from UP, Afable Medical School and the University of Santo Tomas(UST) who took a stand on the issue. Fr. Francisco del Rio, OP, then Regent of UST Faculty of Medicine met with this group and formed the organization what is now known as the Catholic Physicians’ Guild of the Philippines (CPGP). The primary objective of the CPGP is to “spread Catholic professional ethics and strengthen the spiritual life of Catholic physicians. The first constitution was drafted by the first secretary of the Guild, Dr. Renato Ma. Guerrero. Its first president was an Obstetrician- Gynecologist, Dr. Jose Ma. Delgado with Dr. Pedro T. Lantin, a professor of Medicine at the University of the Philippines as vice president. The Guild’s activities were interrupted during the Japanese occupation in World War II. On August 9, 1951, the Guild was reactivated under its second president, Dr. Jesus Tan. The past presidents of the Guild included several luminaries: Drs. Antonio O. Gisbert, Ricardo Alfonso, Antonio J. Gabriel, Mariano M. Alimurung, Francisco J. Roman, Juan Salcedo Jr., Miguel Zarraga, Sisenando B. Pineda, Remedios Goquiolay-Arellano, Sabino S. Santos, Ernani V. Certeza. The post-war activities were held in the UST Central Seminary. In 1958 Medical Forum, the official publication of the Guild was born. The First Asian Congress of Catholic Physicians was held on January 7 – 9, 1960 in Manila. Dr. Mariano Alimurung was elected as First Vice-President of the International Federation of Associations of Catholic Physicians (FIAMC).   It was also this year that the first diocesan Chapter in Baguio was established. On November 9 to 11, 1984 the 8th Congress of the Asian Federation of Catholic Medical Association with the theme, “Catholic Moral Practices in a Changing World” was held at the Manila Hilton. FIAMC officers from all over Asia attended the said event. May 1990, the first issue of the Guild’s newsletter was printed. Officers installed: Drs. Carmelita Belmonte-Cuyugan, Esperanza F. Rivera, Jocelyn J. Yambao-Franco, Conrado Pizarro Banzon and Victoria Edna G. Monzon, the present President.
Organizational Structure The Catholic Physicians’ Guild of the Philippines is a non-stock non-profit organization governed by its officers and Board of Trustees consisting of eleven (11) duly elected and installed members, with advisers for a term of one (l) year and also with an Ecclesiastical Adviser.
Composition of Membership A regular member is a duly licensed catholic physician in the Philippines endorsed by at least two (2) regular members or life member which have been a regular member for at least 5 years in good standing. An honorary member is a non-physician or a physician from another country who has had extraordinary achievement and outstanding meritorious services in the furtherance of the objectives of the Guild. Associate members are Catholic medical students and interns in recognized medical schools in the Philippines. Must pay membership dues either annual or life and who attends the annual conventions and other activities of the Guild.
Main Activities The Guild’s yearly activities are as follows;

  • Annual Convention – with invited speakers to enhance the agreed theme.
  • Recollections (Advent/Lent)
  • Symposium – conduct lectures on suggested topics
  • Bioethics Training Module – an out-of-town seminar for medical and house staffChristmas Cheers – gift-giving and cheers to children from depressed area.
  • Visit to Women’s Correction, Mandaluyong City – conduct a short values formation and medical counseling.
Areas Present


The CPGP has twelve (12) Diocesan Chapters; Baguio 1960, Cebu1966, Iloilo 1992, Marikina 1992, Davao 1993, Angeles 1995, Bacolod 1997, Cagayan 1997, Daet 2001, Dagupan 2001, Laguna 2001, Albay 2002, Bataan 2008.
Affiliations The Guild is affiliated with the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (FIAMC), the Asian Federation of Catholic Medical Association (AFCMA) & Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas -CBCP
Official Contact Address Room 105, St. Martin de Porres (Medicine) Building, University of Santo Tomas, Manila.
Official Contact Numbers Telefax: + 63.2.749.9786

Cellphone: 09l5-595-7725

Email Address



The official seal of the Guild is round on the face of which are three concentric cicles. On the upper 3/5 of the outer circle are written the Latin words, “A DEO EST ENIM OMNIS MEDELA” (To God is indeed all help or glory) and on the lower 2/5 space are laurel leaves with a bow of a ribbon on the center of the leaves. On the inner circle is a cross. Running through the intersection of the arms of the cross is a caduceus representing the medical profession, which runs from the 1: 30 o’clock position.
Current Officers NATIONAL OFFICERS (2008 –   2009)

President:  Manuel M. Po, MD

Vice President:   Lourdes G. Llamas, MD

Secretary:   Edwin V. Rodriguez, MD

Treasurer:    Mayumi S. Bismark,MD

Auditor:    Romero Y. Enriquez, MD

PRO:    Arcadio L. Tamayo, MD

Ecclesiastical Adviser:    Rev. Fr. Rodel E. Aligan, OP

Immediate Past President:    Conrado P. Banzon, MD

Honorary President:    Remedios G. Arellano, MD 

Board of Trustees

Martina T. Certeza, MD

Angelita M. Aguirre, MD

Charito D. Corpuz, MD

Mary Jean V. Guno, MD

Anita S. Sanchez, MD

Advisers:    Esperanza F. Rivera, MD

    Lutgarda C. Quito, MD

    Jocelyn J. Yambao Franco, MD


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