Other Name or Acronym CHRISFAM
Statement of Vision A Christ – centered family of families that continue to nourish, support, strengthen and mutually enrich each other through selfless sharing of love, life, faith, hope, joy, peace, justice, harmony and well-being. As household communities that reconcile, empower and celebrate Christ’s redemption, these domestic churches witness God’s plan of life and love for the whole family of God’s creation.
Statement of Mission Our Mission: CHRISFAM seeks to:

  • Help couples and families rediscover God’s gift of love and life in their midst.
  • Provide opportunities for meaningful encounter with Christ’s compassion and love in family relationships.
  • Organize and conduct seminars, outreach and training programs to promote and enhance life and family values to everyone especially to the poorest of the poor.
  • Mobilize project that will help uplift educational, spiritual, socio-economic status of families towards authentic and integral development.
  • Network with other pro-life and pro-family organizations for mutual exchange of information and formation resources and other works of solidarity.
Year Established 1979
Year Accredited w/ LAIKO (N.B. not stated)

Even before the Synod of Bishops and the Familiari’s Consortio document of the Holy Father came out, an SFIC sister has already been involved with the family and life apostolate. After she underwent a Marriage Encounter Weekend, she organized the same for Hansenite couples and poor couples of Metro Manila on March 23 – 25, 1979. More of these encounters gave her inspiration to start the CHRIST’S FAMILY MISSION MOVEMENT (CHRISFAM) in the Archdiocese of Manila. Now, CHRISFAM has members in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

CHRISFAM is a parish and community-based movement composed of dedicated couples and families who are committed to serve the needs of every human family and to promote the dignity of life and family as God’s center of life-giving and love-giving activities. 

Organizational Structure CHRISFAM is governed by the National Couple President, Regional Couple Vice- Presidents and other National Coordinators/Advisers, the National/Regional Chaplains, and Episcopal Advisers.
Composition of Membership CHRISFAM is composed of National Officers, Parish Coordinators and Members from the parishes of the different dioceses and regions.
Main Activities
  • Marriage Enrichment (MENRICH)
  • Marriage Encounter (M.E.)
  • CHRISFAM Prayer Meeting & Bible Study, Holy Family Novena/Crusade/Propagation, Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC) MENRICH – M.E. Life in the Spirit Seminar
  • Buhay Espiritwal ng Mag-asawa (BEM)
  • Sons and Daughters Encounter (SADE)
  • Pre-Teen & Young Adult Seminar
  • Christian Parenting for Peace and Justice (CPPJ) (one day)
    • Family Encounter
  • Family and Life Education (FLED)
    • Marriage Validation, Pre-Cana Seminar, Team Training, Responsible Parenthood
    • Seminars on: Parenting, Family Ministry
    • Conferences, seminars, symposia on life and family issues.
  • Single Parents (widows, widowers, separated and unwed mothers)
  • Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) Program
  • Counseling and Renewal Programs
  • Livelihood Programs
Areas Present Luzon – NCR, Pangasinan, Isabela, Bicol, La Union, Bataan,Tarlac, Pampanga,

Visayas – Negros Occidental (Bacolod, Escalante),

Mindanao – Agusan del Sur (San Francisco, Santo Rosario, Prosperidad)

Affiliations CBCP Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas

Episcopal Commission for Family and Life (ECFL)

Marriage Encounter Foundation of the Philippines (MEFP)

Official Contact Address 295 E. Rodriguez Sr. Blvd., Quezon City, Philippines
Official Contact Numbers NCR National Secretariat – + 63.2.722.5563

Couple Pres. Noel & Lea Ravalo –   052.435.4844

Couple Secretary Gil & Winnie Baria – + 63.2. 927.2087

Cellphone: 0917.439.1241

Email Address


God, the Most Holy Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is the source of revelation and salvation of life and love in the world. It is the initiative of God the Father accomplished in His Son Jesus Christ in the love and life-giving Spirit.  The life and preaching of Jesus Christ brought into existence the first community of believers. Thus, the Church was born. Jesus wanted her to be the sacrament of salvation for all peoples of the world. The Church looks on Mary, the mother of Jesus and her mother, the star of evangelization.  CHRISFAM LOGO illustrates its beliefs and commitment. The white shade depicts the Father; the cross is Jesus Christ while the red color of the name CHRISFAM is the love and life-giving Spirit. The four images is the symbol of the family. The baseline where the four images stand signify its rootedness in the communities, in the local and particular churches. The circular figure is the Church and the world. We take Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ and mother of the Church being signified by the blue color on the four images, the cross, the baseline and the circle.
( 2009-2012)

Couple President:   Noel & Lea Ravalo

Couple Vice-Pres. for NCR:   Nick & Aie Felices

Couple Vice-Pres. for Bicol:   Nonoy & Letty Cabujat

Couple Vice-Pres. for Pangasinan:   Manny & Lyn Poquiz

Couple Vice-Pres. for La-Union:  Mer & Sol Samonte

Couple Vice-Pres. for Isabela:   Joey & Perla Respicio

Couple Vice-Pres. for Military Ordinariate:   Benny & Lou Lorenzo

Couple Vice-Pres. for Visayas/Mindanao:   Butch & Bebing Ondoy  and Max & Mila Pelenio

Couple Secretary:   Gil & Winnie Baria

Couple Treasurer:   Claro & Eng Tamayo

Single/Solo-Parent Advisers:   Cristy Ugarte, Lita Tuliao and Ofel Cometa

SADE/Youth Couple Adviser:   Flor & Mayet Garcia

SADE/Youth Assist. Couple Adviser:   Ed & Vangie Casal

SADE/Youth Coordinator:   Jenevive Paguirigan

SADE/Youth Assistant Coordinator:   Oliver Ramallosa

National Secretariat Administrative Couple:   Marlon & Lanessa Ramirez

National Coordinator:   Sr. Remedios M. Marata, SFIC

National Chaplain:   Rev.Fr. Danilo Z. Abalon, Solt, Ph.D. 

Regional Spiritual Advisers:

Rev. Fr. Angel Lula  and Rev. Fr. Harry Bloem, O. Carm

Episcopal Advisers:

Bishop Paciano B. Aniceto, D.D and Bishop Teodoro C. Bacani Jr., D.D

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