Official Name Christian Life Community of the Philippines
Other Name or Acronym CLCP
Statement of Vision The Christian Life Community in the Philippines (CLCP) is a discerning, apostolic community growing in union with Christ through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Imbued with a sense of love for the Church, we participate in Christ’s mission specifically in bringing about maturity in faith and social justice with a sense of urgency and disponibility.
Statement of Mission To help build God’s Kingdom, manifested in the Philippine Church of the Poor, through the formation of CLC and other faith communities steeped in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.
Year Established November 1967
Year Accredited w/Laiko (N.B. not stated)

1967 – 1980 – The era began with the dark days of martial law and ended with the bright but challenging days of People Power. It was an era of social upheaval and great social divide.

Fr. Jose Blanco, SJ brings new General Principles to the Philippines from Rome. Sodality of our Lady changes name to Christian Life Community. Fr. Benjamin Sim, S.J. organizes aggiornamento seminars nationwide. Organization is transformed from MABOS to MAFOSS to PNFCLC. General Assembly issues ZAMBOANGA STAND 1971. CLC organizes Training Institute 1972. Germany adopts the PNFCLC as its twin community. Philippines hosts World Assembly in Baguio (Manila ’76). World CLC Formation Courses are held in Manila. PNFCLC becomes CLCP; ExCo to LC; GCM to GA. First National CLC Convention is held in Baguio.

1981 – 1990 – People Power rallies after Ninoy’s death increased.

Asia Formation Course is held in Sacred Heart Novitiate, Novaliches. CLCP issues a stand: Diwa ng Trece 1982. CLCP adopts Active Non-Violence (ANV). CLCP joins the People Power Movement through ANV principle. CLCP decides to hold regional assemblies. Punla sa Pag-unlad (PUNLAD) is formed. CLC collaborates with San Jose Seminary for SPFY (Social-Pastoral Formation Year). CLCP hosts CLC members from Germany, Japan, etc. for immersion program.

1991 – 2000– Many people will say that these were the years of relative calm and peacefulness. It was a time to build, a time to gain strength.

CLCP adopts Barangay Apalit after Mt. Pinatubo erupted. National CLC Office is razed by fire. Fr. Ben Sim is officially appointed national EA. CLCP hosts CLC members from Slovenia, Hong Kong, Korea and France. International Formation Encounter is held in Caleruega in Nasugbu. CLC Youth Commission is created. CLCP partners with JVP. CLCP formulates Vision / Mission: A spreading Ignatian Fire. CLC Formation Institute is created as a National Apostolate. Teen Treats Program for the youth. Social Development Institute is conceptualized and created. Pagbicol is established by Naga Pro. CLCP produces A Touch of Silver; A Glimpse of Gold video- Silver Jubilee of CLC. CLCP produces Spreading the Ignatian Fire Video. GA approves CLCP National Statutes.

2001 to Present

Core of Responsible is created. CLCFI joins Spirituality Cluster Meetings by the Jesuit Philippine Province. CLC Center is constructed inside ADMU Campus. CLCP develops 5 year Strategic Plan. Pray CD is produced. Philippines hosts Asia Pacific meeting in Claret School. CLCFI gives orientation to Neo Regents, Tertians and San Jose Seminarians. Sa Harong ni Lord is established in Bicol. CLCP accepts appointment to manage Mirador Jesuit Villa in Baguio. CLCP celebrates its 40th year with a Magis at Forty theme.

Organizational Structure The National Assembly is the supreme governing body of the CLCP. It is made up of the Leadership Community and the delegation of each Full-Member Community.   The Leadership Community is responsible for the ordinary governance of the Community. It is composed of up to 7 Trustees elected by the members during the regular National Assembly.
Composition of Membership The CLCP is comprised of the Local Communities in the various regional groupings designated for their better mutual assistance and coordination. It is in local community that members experience the communal continuation of the dynamics of life generated by the Spiritual Exercises, featuring the key elements of spirituality, mission and community.
Main Activities
  • National Assembly – held every two years
  • General Convention and/or Regional Assemblies – held every year
  • Quarterly Meetings of the Leadership Community
  • Celebration of World CLC Day (March 25), St. Ignatius Day (July 31)
  • Ignatian Formation Programs
Areas Present NCR region, Baguio/Bulacan/Batangas/Laguna region, Bicol region, Cebu, Davao, Zamboanga, Cagayan de Oro
Affiliations Federation of National Youth Organizations (FNYO)

Asia Pacific CLC

World CLC

Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas-CBCP

Official Contact Address G/F CLC Center, Seminary Drive

Ateneo de Manila University Campus

Loyola Heights 1108, Quezon City

Official Contact Numbers Telephone + 63.2.426.0074

Fax +63.2.4260075

Email Address


Our new CLCP logo symbolizes the circle of community which differentiates the CLC from other organizations. Its color expresses its special love for Mary as our model. The shading symbolizes the permanence of the way of life in light and in darkness. The focus of the logo is an empty cross which depicts the Risen Christ and where each member should be the body of Christ to others. At the heart of the Cross is the flame of Ignatian passion, the fire which burns in our hearts – the fire which lights our way in the many crossroads which we face in life. The three elements of Spirituality, Mission, and Community keep the symbol together by way of the nails. The four weeks of the Spiritual Exercises seen through the quadrants envelope and give prominence to the Cross and the flame. Bro. Jason Dy, S.J. designed the new logo to communicate the mission and vision of the CLCP.
Current Officers Members of the National Leadership Community (2007-2009)

President:   John Robert C. Gamit

Vice President:   Ma. Alegria M. Bautista

Corporate Secretary:   Donnabelle D. Chua

Treasurer:   Serafin M. Mirasol Jr.

Auditor and Head, Regional Development Team:   Christine G. Talaguit

Head, Youth Development Team:  Dr. Cristeto Azucena

Asia Pacific Link:   Jeraldine Ching-Wu

Consultor:   Belen O. Chua

National Ecclesiastical Assistant:   Fr. Antonio de Castro SJ

Executive Director:   Rose Linda O. Bautista

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