Official Name Federation of Transparochial Charismatic Communities Foundation, Inc.
Other Name or Acronym FTCC
Vision To unite all Transparochial Charismatic Communities to advance the renewal movement in the Philippines.
  • To promote, encourage and consolidate the fruit of the Catholic Charismatic life that the Lord has brought through His Spirit within the members of the Catholic Church.
  • To support, encourage, enhance unity, harmony and cooperation among the members of the various renewed Catholic Transparochial communities.
  • To promote the riches of the spiritual heritage of the Catholic Church in  the life of the faithful through listening to the Word of God, and participating in    the sacraments.
  • To support, cooperate, participate and encourage cooperation, involvement and participation of the various renewed Catholic Church.
Year Established September 15, 1998

The Federation of Transparochial Charismatic Communities Foundation Inc. (FTCC) is an organization of charismatic communities and prayer groups in the Archdiocese of Manila under the direction of the Archbishop of Manila.

The Federation aims to cooperate fully with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement and other lay movements for the building up of the local church. It is dedicated to the building of strong environments in support of an active life of holiness and service in the Church and in the world.

In a letter dated August 18, 1988, his Excellency, Most Rev. Teodoro C. Bacani, Jr. D.D., Auxiliary Bishop of Manila, in his capacity as Spiritual Director of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Archdiocese of Manila instructed Bro. Willy Nakar, Presiding Elder of Elim Community to gather all the covenant communities based in the Arcdiocese of Manila for the purpose of organizing them so that they may be clearly represented and counted among the people involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

In compliance with said instructions, Bro. Willy Nakar scheduled, and invited certain leaders of charismatic communities to a first meeting on September 2, 1988 at the Sampaguita Room, Hyatt Hotel, Pasay City, at 7:00 p.m.

A total of twenty -three (23) leaders representing Ten (10) active communities responded to the invitation to come together in a spirit of unity and brotherhood. The Spiritual Directors of the different communities came. All welcomed the opportunity to regularly meet and exchange developments in our respective communities as well as to become a collective part of the direction in which the Catholic Charismatic Renewal was taking, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Church elders.

Organizational Structure

This FOUNDATION shall consist of accredited transparochial communities based in Manila and may or may not have chapters in other areas of the Philippines and who are in good standing with the local Church and living a committed Christian lifestyle. As to making the Foundation nationwide, the Committee agreed that each diocese could have a different outlook on this matter, so we shall have to take this on a case-to-case basis. 

The corporate powers of the FOUNDATION shall be exercised, its business conducted and its property controlled by the Board of Trustees of seven (7), elected every two years.

Composition of Membership The FTCC is composed of Elders / Presiding Elders / Head Servants / Representatives of member communities.
Main Activities
  • FTCC meeting every other month
  • Annual Leader’s Conference
Areas Present Archdiocese of Manila, Diocese of Cubao, Diocese of Novaliches, Diocese of Parañaque, Diocese of Pasig, Diocese of Antipolo, Diocese of Caloocan
Affiliations Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement

Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas – CBCP

Official Contact Address 4th Floor St. Peter Building, 296 Quezon Ave., Quezon City
Official Contact Number Telefax: + 63.2.376.5781
Email Address lorielaureles2003@yahoo.com


The circle which is a stylized dove represents the Church founded by Christ through the Holy Spirit. “Having accomplished the work that the Father had entrusted to the Son on earth (cf. JN 17:4), on the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit was sent to sanctify the Church for ever, so that believers might have access to the Father through Christ in one Spirit (cf. Eph 2:18). He is the Spirit of Life, the fountain of water springing up to eternal life (cf. Jn 4:14; 7:38ff), the One through whom the Father restores life to those who are dead through sin, until one day he will raise in Christ their mortal bodies (cf. Rom 8:10 f)”. In this way the Second Vatican Council speaks of the Church’s birth on the day of Pentecost calling the Holy Spirit as the soul of the Church. (From the encyclical letter “Dominum et Vivificantem” by Pope John Paul II). 

Encompassed within the symbolic circle of the Church are the upraised hands representing the Transparochial Charismatic Communities with the flames of their ardor rising up in worship to the Father and the Son through the Holy Spirit. The symbol of the hands is important among Charismatic especially in the Baptism of the Spirit since it is a continuation of the apostolic tradition of laying of hands for the grace of the Holy Spirit to be poured out.

The dominant color is Magenta & Purple which is the color of the Holy Spirit.


Current Officers For the Year 2008-2009

President:   Manuel D. Recto

Vice President:    Antonio O. Samia

Secretary:    Paulo G. Pabalan

Treasurer:    Lelis C. Magnaye

Board:    Rowena Angeles

Board:    Robert   Castañeda

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