Official Name Lay Association of the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation
Other Name or Acronym AOSA

Moved by the love of the Risen Christ, we, the Lay Associates of the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation, envision ourselves to become authentic witnesses of Christ by our life of action-contemplation.


In solidarity with the Church of the Poor, we commit ourselves to live out Christ’s mission through renewed integral evangelization that will effect wholistic transformation of persons, communities, the environment and the world.

Year Established 1993
Year Accredited w/ Laiko 2007

After 114 years of existence, the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation (ASOLC) has gathered around her, lay co-workers and counterparts who have shared her vision and mission. These lay partners have imbibed the Augustinian spirit and have taken to heart the enfleshing of the mission of the congregation. They may not be religious in the canonical sense, but they may be called “religious” in their life and witness of the Christian life, the Augustinian way. They are present where the ASOLC are present—in their schools, pastoral and social ministries and even in their households. Since, they have been associates with the ASOLC during these past years, it is most necessary that the ASOLC recognize who they are by means of membership to the association. With a formal association, the ASOLC and her partners can forge new avenues for service to the local and universal Church in the line of renewed integral evangelization (1996).

Organizational Structure

The Lay Association of the ASOLC is governed by the National Coordinating Team of the AOSA. The National Coordinating Team of the AOSA is composed of the Spiritual Director and the National Officers of the AOSA.

The Superior General and Council of the ASOLC appoint a Sister to be the Spiritual Director of the Associates. She ensures the continuing formation and congregational involvement of the Associates.

All regular members of the Association are qualified to elect the community and regional officers. Regional officers elect the national officers in the national assembly. All officers serve for a period of two years subject to re-election for another term.

Composition of Membership

Lay ASOLC partners, men or women, married or unmarried, who live good lives and have worked closely with the ASOLC and have imbibed or manifested the Augustinian spirituality in their lives.

Alumni and alumnae of ASOLC schools, who live good lives, continue to adhere to the Augustinian spirit and have kept close contact with the ASOLC.

Former formandees and former members of ASOLC of good standing with the Congregation, but cannot live within the structure and discipline of religious life but still witness the Augustinian spirituality, and the congregation’s charism and mission in their careers and apostolic involvement.

First-degree family members of ASOLC Sisters.

Aspirants to the ASOLC, from 21-45 years of age, who would like to commit themselves to the mission of the congregation in a definite period of time and on a temporary basis.

First-degree family members of an AOSA.

Main Activities Formational Activities and Apostolic Involvements

A.    Spiritual Formation (Augustinian Spirituality, Scriptures, Social Teachings of the Church and Psycho-Spiritual Integration)

  • Participation in community prayers as often as possible
  • Quarterly recollections
  • Annual three-day retreat

B.   Formation to Community Life

  • Weekly community prayer with the ASOLC local community or with the AOSA local community

C. Social Consciousness Formation

  • Annual exposure/outreach
  • Social situationer

D. Witness of Life

  • Life of witnessing in one’s profession
  • Sharing of faith-life experiences

E. Social/Fellowship Activities

  • Attendance in congregational feasts, profession ceremonies and    liturgical celebrations.
  • Attendance in the AOSA community monthly meetings; every other month regional meeting; and national assembly every two years.

F. Others

  • When invited by the Congregation to participate in any of its spiritual formation program.
  • If and when the gerontology program of the elderly would be feasible, the associates will be invited.

Organized  Lay Augustinian  Missionaroes  Program for  Local and  Foreign Missions

When the Associate, from 21-45 years of age, feels called to the missionary task of the Church through the Congregation, he or she may apply to be a Lay Missionary for local and foreign missions.

Areas Present NCR, Bicol, Cebu, Negros and Mindanao Clusters
Affiliations Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas – CBCP
Official Contact Address La Consolacion Convent

273 Santolan Road

San Juan, Metro Manila

Official Contact Numbers + 63.2. 725-27-27








Current Officers National Officers for 2008-2010:

Coordinator:    B. Elizabeth Yap (DPWH- LCC Motherhouse)

Vice-Coordinator:    Amelia Amahit (LCC-Bacolod)

Secretary:    Ma. Theresa Perez (LCC-San Juan City)

Asst. Secretary:    Nanette Santillan (LCC-Bacolod)

Treasurer:    Natividad Tamayo (LCC-San Juan City)

Auditor:    Ramonito Perez (LCU-Bulacan)

P.R.O.:    Cecil Yapsangco (CSA-Binan)

Director:    Sr. Niceta M. Vargas, OSA

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