Official name Legion of Mary
Other name or acronym Senatus of Northern Philippines (SNP)

The object of the Legion of Mary is the glory of God through the holiness of its members developed by prayer and active co-operation, under ecclesiastical guidance, in Mary’s and the Church’s work of crushing the head of the serpent and advancing the reign of Christ.


At the disposal of the bishop of the diocese and the parish priest, the Legion of Mary undertakes any and every form of social service and Catholic action which these authorities may deem suitable to the legionaries and useful for the welfare of the Church.

Year established 1921
year accredited w/ laiko (N.B. not stated)

The Legion of Mary originated in Dublin, Ireland. The first meeting of the Legion was held on 7 September 1921. The Legion was introduced to the Philippines in 1940. Initial meeting of Filipino legionaries was held on 21 July 1940.

Organizational structure

SNP reports to the Concilium Legionis Mariae, the supreme governing authority of the Legion which is based in Dublin. The Senatus exercises authority over one regia (comprising Malolos Diocese), 31 comitia (eight from Metro Manila, 22 from provinces/adjacent areas, and one from Guam), six curiae (one junior curia and six provincial curiae) and 21 directly-attached praesidia.

Composition of membership

Active members: Those who attend weekly Legion meetings and perform apostolate work. Active members are tasked to observe the four standing instructions imposed on each one.

Auxiliary members: Those who are unable or unwilling to assume the duties of active membership, but who associate themselves with the Legion by undertaking a service of prayer in its name. Auxiliary members recite daily all the Legion prayers.

Main activities

Home to home visitation, visits to hospitals, jails and institutions, catechetical instruction and parish assistance.

Areas present

Except provinces comprising the Bicol region, the SNP covers Luzon and the islands of Palawan, Mindoro, and Guam. Other senatuses in Bicol, Cebu and Mindanao and regiae in Iloilo, Bohol, Davao and Dumaguete cover these areas.

Affiliations Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas – CBCP
Official contact address 53 Dangay Street, Project 7, Quezon City 1105
Official contact numbers Telefax: + 63.2.372.2090
Email address senatus.northernphils@gmail.com


The Vexillum Legionis is an adaptation of the standard of the Roman Legion. The eagle which surmounted the standard is replaced by the Dove, the emblem of the Holy Spirit. Beneath the Dove a cross-bar bears the inscription “Legio Mariae” (Legion of Mary). Intermediate between cross-bar and staff (and joined to the former by a rose and a lily) is an oval frame bearing a representation of the Immaculate Conception (the Miraculous Medal). The staff is set in a globe which, for use on a table, stands on a square base. The whole design conveys the idea that the world is to be conquered by the Holy Spirit acting through Mary and her children.

Current officers Spiritual Director:    Msgr. Celso J. Ditan

President:    Isabelita P. Malicay (1st term expires Jun/09)

Vice President:    Olivia Gellangarin (1st terms expires Jul/09))

Secretary:    Maria Rosa P. Ortega (2nd term expires Mar/09)

Treasurer:    Flordeliza Salvador (1st term expires Apr/09))

Assistant Secretary:    Elizabeth S. Infante (1st term expires Mar/09)

Assistant Treasurer:    Danilo H. Arroyo (2nd term expires Dec/09)

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