Official Name Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Other Name or Acronym SSVP, St. Vincent de Paul Society
Statement of Vision “To embrace the whole world in a network of Charity” (as stated by its founder,   Frederic Ozanam)
Statement of Mission  “A Community of Disciples following the Way of Jesus, the   Evangelizer of the Poor, in the service of the most abandoned the oppressed and the marginalized.”
Year Established 1833 (in Paris France; 1860 (in the Philippines)
Year Accredited w/ Laiko 1951
History A. Origin and  Foundations .

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is an International lay Catholic organization which has its origin in Paris, France. It was founded on April 23, 1833 by six university students and a Professor who joined together to create what was then known as the “Conference of Charity” in response to the needs of the poor in Paris. The students were led by Frederic Ozanam of Sorbonne University who was celebrating his 20th birthday on that day. As more chapters known as “Conferences” were established, it adopted the name Society of St. Vincent de Paul in honor of the saint who was known as the “Patron St. of all works of charity”. The SSVP is now present in 142 countries worldwide. On August 22, 1997, Frederic Ozanam was beatified by Pope John Paul II at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris coinciding with the celebration of World Youth Day.

B. History of SSVP in the Philippines.

On December 22, 1860 the SSVP was introduced in the Philippines by the Jesuit congregation with the establishment of the first Conference in Intramuros. In 1933, the stewardship of the Society was passed on to the Padres Paules later known as the Congregation of the Mission (CM) or Vincentian Fathers. The SSVP will be celebrating its 150th Founding Anniversary by December 22, 2010. Meanwhile, the Society of Jesus (SJ) continue to promote the legacy of Blessed Frederic Ozanam by presiding over the giving of the “Ozanam Award” to persons who have excelled in humanitarian endeavors.

Organizational Structure The Council General International

The supreme democratic body of the Confederation is the Council General International. The Council General is formed by duly elected Presidents of the National (Superior) or Assimilated Councils, which they represent.

The National or Superior Council

The National or Superior Council of the Philippines is instituted by the Council General International. The members of National Council are the President, Executive Board members, Presidents of Regional Council and Youth Representative. The National Council President, after consultation with the members of the Council, appoints, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer from among Society members.

The Regional Council The Regional Council is constituted to consolidate all the Archdiocesan, Diocesan and Particular Councils and SSVP Conferences within the region. The power of the Regional Council is exercised under the authority of the SSVP National Council.

The Archdiocesan/Diocesan. Particular Councils

The Archdiocesan/Diocesan/Particular Councils are formed to provide a link between Conferences and Councils and between Councils at different levels. They facilitate joint action to assist the effective working of Conferences and Councils, and coordinate the activities of the Conferences and councils attached to them.

The Conferences

Vincentians gather in groups traditionally called ‘CONFERENCE” which is the basic unit of the Society and meets regularly at least twice a month. A Conference may be organized as men’s, women’s, youth or mixed members. They may be established within different social groups such as parishes, towns, schools, institutions and offices, etc. for the conduct of special works.The members are those who, desirous of living their Catholic faith by loving and serving their neighbor in need, participate effectively in the meetings and charitable activities of the Society.

The main work of a Conference is visiting the less fortunate in their homes, hospitals, institutions and wherever else they may be found needing aid or comfort.

The Conference is directed by a president elected through secret ballot/voting. Only the President is elected who in turn appoint the other officers and members of the Conference.

Composition of Membership

The Society in the Philippines now has a membership of about 6,000. The governing body of the Society in the Philippines is its National Council which was instituted by the Council General International based in Paris, France.     The National Council is presided by a National President and assisted by the National Executive Board composed of the concurrent members of the Board of Trustees. They are all appointed by the National President. (Founders’ Rule* Only the President is elected who in turn appoint the other officers and members of the National Council) All appointments are for limited duration and terminate automatically when a new president takes office.

Main Activities

The main apostolic work of the SSVP is known as Person to Person Apostolate (PPA) or contact with the poor done through the following: Home Visitation ( home, hospital, prison, charitable institution), Health Ministry, Immediate Relief to Calamity/ Disaster Stricken Areas, Educational Assistance (through its Assist-A-Student Program), Livelihood Projects, Liturgical & Para-liturgical Preparations, Catechism, Social advocacies concerning the poor, Formation of members and beneficiaries, Family Welfare apostolate, Other Socio-economic, pastoral, renewal and studies.

Areas Present NCR, Region 1, Region 2, Region 3, Region 4, Region 5, Region 6, Region 7, Region 8, Region 9, Region 10 and Region 12.
Affiliations Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas – (CBCP), International Vincentian Family, Rome   (IVF) Council General International, Paris (SSVP- CGI), SSVP ASIA GROUP II,SSVP PAN ASIA CONFEDERATION (PANASCO)
Official Contact Address 3/F, Rm.307, Pius XII Catholic Center

1175 United Nations Avenue, 1007 Paco, Manila, Philippines

Official Contact Numbers Telephone: + 63.2.524.2771

Fax: + 63.2.522.1070

Email Address,


The international logo of the SSVP bears a fish on a blue background. It bears an inscription that states SERVIENS IN SPE (Service in Hope)

The meaning and symbolism of the logo is explained as follows:

• The circle signifies the global or worldwide stature of the     Society of   St. Vincent de Paul, an International Society.

• The eye of the fish is the vigilant eye of God seeking out to help the poor and underprivileged in our midst.

• The tail of the fish intertwined or a tie knot represents unity, oneness, harmony and brotherhood among the members and with the poor.

Current Officers National President:   Salvador G. Silverio MD

Vice President:     Mayleen A. Bernardino

Secretary:   Diana A. Rabang

Treasurer:   Maria Carla S. Maglalang

Board Members:

Emilie B. Sarmiento

Atty. Vicente C. Abella

Zenaida Capistrano

Antonio de la Torre

Narciso G. Cruzat Jr.

Heidi M. Nimuan

Froilan D. Maglaya

Edgardo J. T. Tirona (Ex-officio/Adviser)

Nat’l Youth Coordinator:   Jaypee E. Lopo

Asst. Nat’l Youth Coordinator:   Karl Michael Hila

Nat’l Spiritual Director:   Fr. Gerardo G. Vibar, CM

Regional Council Coordinators:

NCR – Corazon Marasigan

Region 1 – Lorie Umali

Region 2 – Zerelda Calamasa

Region 3 – Rizaldy Daen

Region 4 – Narciso Cruzat

Region 5 – Maria Gina Dichoso –   Marivic Aloc

Region 6 – Bonifrances Paulite

Region 7 & 8 – Agnes Pontijon

Region 10 – Fe Jaquilmac

Office Personnel, Lorna C. Macaroncio, Administrative Office

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