Green Convergence General Assembly


Dear Friends,

We would like to invite you to the

Annual General Assembly of
Green Convergence for Safe Food, Healthy Environment and Sustainable
at the Environmental Studies Institute Conference Room, Miriam
on Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2017.  

Whether you are a member or not, we would like to share with you our past and ongoing activities and to invite you to be part of our future programs. Elections to the Board of Trustees will also be held.  An informative talk and bonding activities will add interest to the day. Below is the draft program.

8:30 am     Registration
9:00          Opening Ceremonies
Introduction of Participants
9:15             Welcome Remarks and President’s Report
9:45            The Wonders of Benham Rise by Oceana Team
Open Forum
10:45             Break
11:00         The Making of the Philippine Native Trees:
Up Close and Personal Series:  A call for greens to join in the making of  this legacy
by Imelda Sarmiento, Hortica Filipina Foundation, PNT Series Director
Open Forum
12:00       Lunch
1:00         Bonding Activity
1:30            Treasurer’s Report
2:00            Elections
3:00            Closing Remarks

Attached are the 1) form for renewal of and application to membership and 2) election rules.
Prizes and mini-raffles held at intervals will add to the fun.

So that preparations will be adequate, please confirm your attendance with 

            Maribeth Jose at 8990675 or 5805400 lcc 1253 

Thanks, God bless-

Angelina P. Galang
Green Convergence for Safe Food, Healthy
Environment and Sustainable Economy


This is to (please check one):


Type of Membership (please check one):  〈   〉 Network  〈   〉 Organization 〈   〉  Individual

Name of Network / Org /


Official Address
Contact Person/s
Email Address
Telephone / Fax
Contact’s Mobile No.
Year Established
Short Description of the Organization:


Environmental issues of major concern:

a.    Primary advocacy or advocacies:


b.    Secondary   issue/s engaged in (if any):


Official membership in other networks (please list, if any):




Election Guidelines

  1. Green Convergence Board of Trustees has 9 members.
  2. The terms of Board members are staggered for the sake of continuity. At every regular election, 3 apersons will be elected for a term of 3 years.
  3. Eligible to nominate, vote and be voted upon, are those individual members who, and official representatives of networks and organizations which, have been members for at least one year and have renewed their membership for the coming fiscal year, August 20117 – August 2018.
  4. Physical presence is required to be nominated, to be elected and to vote.
  5. No network or organization may have more than one representative in the Board.
  6. Only one individual member may be a Trustee at any given time. However, it is not necessary that there is an individual at any given time.
  7. Networks are entitled to 3 votes each and organizations to 2 votes each. Each network and organization should appoint their official representatives to the assembly. Subject to the maximum that each netowrk and organiaion is entitled to, each representative will be given one ballot. Should a network or ortganization fail to send the number of representatives it is entitled to, it will be assumed to have waived its right to use its maximum number of ballots.
  8. Individual members are entitled to one ballot per ten individual members; they will decide whom to vote for among themselves. Should there be more members beyond multiples of ten, if the number is five or above, the individual members, will be entitled to another ballot.
  9. .The Assembly members will nominate viva voce.from the list of qualified candidates that will be provided
  10. A nominee’s name may be written only once on the ballot. Should a name be repeated, it will be counted only once.
  11. The 3 persons who get the highest number of votes will have been elected to the Board. .
  12. The following are Trustees who are ending their term:

Angelina P. Galang (Philippine Network of Educators for the Environment)
Marie Marciano (SALIKA)
Beth Ceralbo (individual)

They may, however, be reelected.

Nature of the GC Board of Trustees

  1. The GC BoT is a working Board. The regular staff is composed of only the Executive Director and one Administrative Assistant. Consultants, technical assistants, researchers, and other human resources are hired for specific projects for fixed terms.
  2. Each trustee is expected to help to the extent that she/he can for aevents and projects. Board meetings are held once a month. This is a regular set day agreed upon soon after the regular elections so that the trustees must plan to fit it into their schedules. Special meetings.are also called; members are expected to exert best efforts to attend these. Should a Trustee exceed the allowed number of absences, she/he shall be considered technically resigned.
  3. Trustees are expected to support all GC activities with their presence to the extent possible. GC regular activities are Kamayan every third Friday of the month, the SONA every August, Christmas fellowship in December and the Environment Summit every 2 years.

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